About Us


The company Fantaisie du Blé was founded in 1989 by Lucie Proulx and Mr. Yvon Labrecque, as the Cuisi-Pro. They started their business in the garage next to their home in St-Étienne-de-Beauharnois. The manufacture and packaging is made entirely handmade. Lucia and Yvon decided to orient their company towards the manufacture of homemade pastries they sell at both wholesale and retail. In 1997 Cuisi-Pro opens a point of retail sale Mercier city, which is called Fantaisie du Blé. Following the increase in demand, the garage is modified, expanded and equipped to become a factory suitable for production requirements and homemade products quality standards
Fantaisie du Blé opened in a new two-storey building in Mercier in February 2004 in order to centralize the production and distribution of their products . The manufacturing is done on the second floor and the store is on the ground floor .

Our company

Our goal is to offer of our customers bakery products , pastries and take-out of high quality at a competitive price. There are more than 30 employees to meet the needs of each client.

Through independent distributors, we provide several grocery stores everywhere across Quebec . We made our products according to our tasty and unique homemade recipes.

Fantaisie du Blé know the last trends and promotes research and development in order to remain up to the expectations of their customers .