We offer our customers a wide variety of cakes of different sizes. We also manufacture the plate size ( 12x16 inches ), ideal for hospitals, cafeterias , organizations, big buffets, etc ... Our products can be stored for 6 months in the freezer.

  • Queen Elizabeth // A basic cake with dates with a sumptuous frosting fudge and a hint of coconut.
  • Carrots // This cake is made of an old recipe with real fresh carrots, topped with a frosting cream cheese.
  • Double-Chocolate // Made of milk chocolate , it melts in the mouth.
  • Boston // A very spongy vanilla base, topped with a chocolate frosting and a center stage homemade custard , a real delight ...
  • Belgian Chocolate Brownie // As its name says so well, it is filled with a ganache of real Belgian chocolate and walnuts put in hand, for a taste rich and chocolatey.
  • Pouding Chômeur // Made with lots of sauce , a recipe from Grandma , it is irresistible!
  • Fudge Cake // Made of a true homemade fudge inside the cake and on top.
  • Apple Crisp // Homemade apple filling, coated in oatmeal.
  • Dates squares // Homemade dates mashed 100% , topped with a crispy oatmeal , it contains no preservatives.
  • Frosted Chocolate Banana // Homemade mashed bananas and a creamy chocolate frosting.
* All of our cakes are available in stores in addition to those which we keep exclusivity for our retail customers!


In addition to our delicious cakes , we offer delicious Cakes Breads.

  • Orange - Cranberry // Made of pure orange juice and orange zest with pieces of fresh cranberries inside.
  • Orange - Belgian Chocolate // Made with real pure orange juice and orange zest with pieces of Belgian chocolate.
  • Dates and Nuts // Homemade mashed dates and genuine walnuts .
  • Carrots // Old recipe with real carrots.
  • Bananas and Nuts // Homemade mashed bananas with genuine walnuts.
  • Choco-Bananas // Banana bread enhanced with chocolate.
  • Apple Cinnamon // This bread is made with pieces of apple inside and a hint of cinnamon.
  • Lemon // Made of concentrated lemon juice for a taste that comes out of the ordinary.
  • Spices // Old recipe with grapes and nuts, exquisite taste.
  • Maple // Made with real maple syrup and pure maple nuggets. (Only in Season)


The buffets menus are only available in-store